Keeping Your Phone Safe While the Certificate Authority Dust Settles

Hoodia is a newly popular herbal weight loss product that can be found in many major health shops. Even though large companies are providing genuine supplies of hoodia there have been numerous findings that indicate the presence of counterfeit and adulterated supplements circulating in the marketplace.

If you search for hoodia online, you will find visit –  hundreds of different companies that sell hoodia. Many of these suppliers will also caution you by saying that you should not buy from their competitors due to the possibility that they are fake pills. Online stores range from legitimate nutritional supplement producers to advanced and discreet scam artists. Is there any way that a buyer can guarantee that they are getting the real thing?

Falsely advertised products and adulterated versions of hoodia exist because the supply is very limited. Hoodia is very difficult to grow and it can take up to five years in a very hot and arid environment for it to grow.

CITES, the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species, is an international agreement between many governments that was designed to ensure that trading of wild plant and animal specimens does not threaten the species’ survival. Due to this agreement, CITES imposed trade limits on hoodia in October, 2004. Now, a permit must be obtained before hoodia can be grown or collected. This makes it even more difficult for the supply to increase. As well as verifiable certificates made available by CITES, there are also false CITES certificates that are being used in the common marketplace.

It can be challenging to find out how much pure hoodia is in a particular product. It can even be impossible to find out how much pure hoodia is truly available in the product due to the possibility that it has been replaced by a purported active ingredient. One independent firm that can verify the content of a product is the Costa Mesa based laboratory Alkemists Pharmaceuticals. Even so, according to, an independent lab in White Plains, New York, there are not any authoritative, officially sanctioned, methods for verifying the quality of any product at the moment.



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