How to Date Pretty Girls – Make Her So Totally Into You After the First Date

Most guys would totally flip when they get a chance to score a date with a girl they really like — a pretty girl, so to speak. And it’s normal we feel all anxious or nervous and to excited for words and that constant thing inside our heads telling us not to screw it up — we are all dead-set to make that killer big impression. So how do we exactly do that? How can we sweep her off her feet and totally like us back on the first date? Below are a few tips on how to date pretty girls smoothly and surely — guaranteed to make her so into you before the night ends: กลุมลับ

  • Get a hold of yourself. Now that you’ve scored that big date with this pretty girl you’ve been crushing on for the longest time, go ahead and rejoice — however, keep it together. Don’t be too excited and all jumpy when you’re with her — that would probably make you look really annoying or something. Get a hold of yourself and keep calm.
  • Don’t freak her out.Don’t make her feel extremely uncomfortable — staring is rude, especially if that’s all you do. Telling her how insanely happy you are that she agreed to have a date with you would also make her feel at danger — she might start thinking you’ll be stalking her for now on. Relax. Be normal. Act like yourself — things will be more interesting that way.
  • Avoid being over-eager. One thing that can totally kill her mood and send her in a hurry to leave you is when you start acting desperate for attention — appearing all-out needy is not only distraction — it’s also downright freaky and disturbing. Do both yourselves a favor and stay composed — but don’t sit there like a rock. You’re supposed to be having fun on a date!
  • Enjoy the conversation. The first for you to do to be able to do that is be the first one to strike a conversation — and actually enjoy it. There are a lot of good conversation topics you can use to make it your date far from boring. Don’t hog the entire conversation as well — be a good listener and there will never be any dull moment there.
  • Go for a second date.Go ahead and tell her that you are having a great time so she’d ease up and enjoy your company better — sometimes, girls can get pretty paranoid as well and may be all wondering what you’re thinking about every five minutes. Express that you love to have dinner with her again (only if you really mean it) and ask her what she’d be doing next weekend — whatever she says, keep your cool and wits with you.

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