Drip Irrigation System – Masterpiece For Agriculture

You all might be familiar with what exactly the drip irrigation is. It is the process in which you water the plants drop by drop. So it is also known as trickle irrigation. Sprinkler can be a good source for your lawn or garden but Drip irrigation is the best for your Plants, Flowers, shrubs and many more.

You can save your garden, water, time, money and Electricity with the help of this system.This system itself takes care of you and your garden.

This system of irrigation is proved to be the blessing in drought condition, at the place where there is problem of water and mainly and most effective in the desert region. Trickle irrigation is the most effective way of irrigation, as it consumes least amount of water. Using such irrigation system can be a best decision, as it is easy to carry anywhere and also reduces the chance of disease.

What are the things that are to be Tuoi cay tu Ä‘ong kept in mind while installing the drop irrigation system?

o Pressure of the water from the pump, if there is not enough pressure it wont be able to supply the proper amount of water.
o Keep checking the blockages in the pipes, that is the most common and obvious problem that is found in this type of system.
o Lines should be laid out simultaneously.
o Water plant should be nearby.

Which are the crops or plants that can you grow with the help of this system.
The crops that are grown under this system are:

o Cereals: Corn, Sorghum, wheat;
o flowers: Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Jasmine, Rose, (All) Ornamental, (All) pastures;
o Fibers: Cotton, Sisal;
o Nuts; Almond, Are-ca nut, Cashew nut, Coconut, Macadamia, Walnut and
o Oilseed: Groundnut.

The spices and vegetables grown under drop irrigation system are:

o Spices: Cardamom, Pepper; and
o Vegetables: Beetroot,Bulbs, Celery, Chilly, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lettuce, Onion, Peas, Potato, Radish, Sweet Potato, Tomato.

Hope this information regarding the Drip irrigation would be proved to be a help full.

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