Dress The Way You Are Pretty Women

Our outfit is one of the most important aspects of our personality and social life. Nature has given men or women varying features and body structures. Some ladies are thin, some fat, some tall, some in combinations, etc. Therefore dressing has to be specified according to the body types and structure. One outfit that looks stunning on pear shaped figure might not suit at all to woman with rectangular body type. It is important to form a personal style statement that enhances your figure and individuality. You should never wear anything just the heck for it, nor follow fashion trends blindly! Your clothes speak a lot about yourself so fill-up your wardrobe according to your personal taste and suitability. Being fashionable is to wear that is combination of latest trends and accessories and outfit that suits your body structure and personality Fashion trends are there to help you add little variation to your dressing, so do not follow every fashion trend as such without personal consideration. Here are some basic tips for women with different body types.

Dressing tips for tall women

. The bottoms should be of pale, base coloured, earthy tones, it could be paired with bright coloured T-shirts or tops.

. Short blazers with multiple buttons create an illusion of shorter upper body.

. If you are tall and bulky with fat on upper part of the body then, always wear belts just above the natural waist area.

. Continuous outfit from head to toe should be avoided as it gives long appearance. Knee-length high boots with skirts and dresses will look good.

. To give a shorter appearance wear long tops exceeding upto the legs as it gives an illusion of shorter legs. กลุมลับ

. The pants or trousers selected should have a cuffed appearance around the bottom, this would make the length of the trousers appear shorter than actual.

. Select prints that run across the width of the outfit as it will give a shorter look like horizontal lines. Also mix-n-match the tops and bottoms with mixture of light and dark colour shades.

. Wear broad belts, as they provide dividing line between the upper and bottom part of the body as a result height will look less.

. For footwear select flats rather than high heeled shoes or sandals.

. Big or huge floral prints would also look flattering on such bodies, overall printed outfit would also suit tall ladies.

. The length of skirt should be balanced. It should not be too short or too long as both would add inches to your height, the length of the skirt should be ending past knee.

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